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Gianni Limia

Junior Digital Marketing Specialist

What could make someone go from molding young minds to managing social and search campaigns? We have no idea. We’re just thankful that something did, prompting Gianni to go from the classroom to the glorious world of advertising. As part of the &Barr Digital Media Team, Gianni’s main role is managing paid social and paid search campaigns on social media platforms, including implementation and optimization. In simpler terms, he does a bunch of data/techy stuff that helps drive growth for clients. His not-so-official designation is self-admitted agency neat freak. (Seriously, his workspace is immaculate.) And while he could’ve gone to work in a lot of other places, Gianni gave his rose to &Barr. Why? He loved that &Barr is committed to helping our employees thrive professionally while also promoting personal growth. The fact that we periodically host a Happy Hour was just a bonus.