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Fleur O'Hara

Project Manager

Accountability and responsibility. Our core values sound nice, sure, but to have them be brought to life the way project manager Fleur O’Hara does is something you have to see to believe. Fleur manages internal workflow, puts her best face on for vendors, and ensures the delivery of great work time after time, but if we want to simplify it, there’s no better way to say what she does than this: she shows up. Every single time, no matter the occasion. Throughout her career, Fleur has been a force others can rely on, and we’re honored that she’s chosen us to rely on her, too. Fleur makes a point to volunteer for a variety of nonprofits whenever she’s able, instilling confidence in small business owners, women and young entrepreneurs. While that may sound like a full plate, she still manages to show up for herself, too—she’s an avid seamstress and ceramicist.

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