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Erin Pagán


Ask Erin Pagán what she does for a living and she’ll likely respond with, “Everything.” Not because she’s cheeky, but because that’s how Erin’s crafted her 20+ year career in public relations, doing everything from mentoring young professionals to being instrumental in industry organizations to building a global PR team for a multi-billion-dollar public company. As &Barr’s Senior Director of Public Relations, Erin leads a powerful team of pros dedicated to providing strategic, fully-integrated communications plans for &Barr’s ever-growing client list that includes nationally recognized brands and internationally celebrated non-profits. And while she may be an FPRA Silver Anvil Award winner, at the heart of it all Erin’s not one to brag but will most definitely impress. The bragging &Barr will happily do on her behalf — just look for the press releases.