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Bradley Quereau

Account Executive

Not one to shy away from a challenge, or a UCF game, Bradley has brought a plethora of energy to &Barr’s Account Team. Having previously worked on accounts like Universal Parks & Resorts, American Express and American Airlines, to name a few, Bradley knows what it takes to help brands succeed. And as a core Account Executive on Nemours, he does just that. His top priority? Making sure Nemours stays on track and continues to love &Barr. Other &Barr clients that benefit for Bradley’s strategic insights include FLVS, YMCA and AAA. Asked what he’s most appreciative of, and Bradley will tell you he’s just happy to be who, and where, he is. “This may be simple, but I am really happy with where I am in life. A great husband and dog, great job and I live in an AMAZING city. I love Orlando!” Orlando, and &Barr, loves you right back, Bradley!