5 Essential Recruitment Marketing Tips

By: Janette Estep, Vice President of Finance & Human Resources


At &Barr the post Covid world is one of great growth, and like most companies facing the current tight job market we’ve implemented an “all-in” strategy to attract the top talent we’re seeking. Our success significantly relies upon the expertise of the individuals that make up our agency. This is the reason that employing the right talent is so vital to our agency’s success. However, we’ve passed the days where agencies could simply sit back and trust that top candidates will be drawn in and simply apply to their positions. Today, businesses that want to vie for top talent need to be proactively searching for and drawing in promising candidates and persuading them to apply. This requires another recruitment approach in which recruiters behave more like advertisers to draw in and convert clients, or for this situation, applicants. This is what recruitment marketing is all about.


Defining Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing incorporates techniques and strategies that seek to find, draw in, connect with, and support talent before, during, and after they apply for a position. We can say that its fundamental objective is to empower more qualified applicants. Typically, the kind of position and the nature of the work decides the recruitment marketing technique, in particular how and where the employment opportunity is publicized. For example, it wouldn’t be effective to promote a vacant position on our creative team at a networking event for account managers.

Recruitment marketing leverages predictive analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence to help recruiters post job openings in the right channels, targeting the right people, using the right language/key words.


5 Essential Recruitment Marketing Tips

Talent procurement has evolved, and recruiters are progressively utilizing marketing strategies to create a solid employer brand and further develop candidate engagement to remain competitive and secure the best talent for their businesses. Finding, drawing in and connecting proactively with the most appropriate candidates has become fundamental to satisfying the current and future recruiting needs of any company. Here are some of the most fundamental recruitment marketing methodologies &Barr leverages:

1. Develop Your Company Brand

Having a strong and positive employer brand is critical to drawing in the best talent for your company. An employer brand incorporates the company’s central mission, values, culture, as well as the benefits/perks you offer your employees. To improve your employer image, you really want to embrace new methodologies that advance your company culture in a positive manner and showcase why you would be an ideal employer. Begin by establishing a positive work environment that is inviting to diverse candidates looking at your company and be sure to communicate your brand with full transparency. By being authentic with the way you present your brand, potential candidates will have a better grasp of what your business stands for and be able to determine if it’s right for them.


2. Create Candidate Personas

Creating candidate-specific personas for the various job postings you need to fill is fundamental for a fruitful recruitment marketing methodology. Building candidate personas allows you to make targeted and relevant content that best targets the candidates needed for your position. Although this can take time to develop, by having a clear picture of the position requirements and who you want to hire, you can reduce turnover in newly hired positions and help cut out unnecessary interviews.


3. Create Smart Recruitment Content

Recruitment content is a critical piece of your recruitment marketing program because it gives candidates a good idea of who you are before applying. Using relevant and helpful content tailored to each stage of the candidate’s journey helps to generate awareness and build interest around your company. Recruitment content can be distributed in a variety of formats, from videos to blogs, emails, webinars, ebooks, etc. and then promoted through a variety of strategic channels with an emphasis on social media. The key is to select the formats and the channels that put your content in front of the right candidates for your position.


4. Update Your Career Page

Career pages have been gaining increasing importance as they are not looked at as just a vacancy listing anymore. The ideal career page tells your company’s story. Who are you? What do you do? What’s your culture? What perks and benefits do you offer to your employees? A modern career page often includes employee testimonials and real people at the office photos. It should clearly communicate your values and illustrates your work environment while also allowing candidates to discover job opportunities and easily apply.


5. Leverage a Referral Program

Employees are the best ambassadors for your company and can help you find the right candidates in a cheaper, faster and better way than many traditional methods. Current employees typically have connections from prior employment or external contacts and can provide a more in-depth insight then what you can find online. Referred candidates also tend to get hired more quickly, perform better, and stay longer in a position.


Our Shameless Recruitment Marketing Plug

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