Inside &Barr – What’s the Big Deal?

You know that cliché expression people use when describing how it felt when they met their future spouse? That they “just knew”? Well, when I walked into &Barr for the first time to interview, there was this feeling of certainty—that this is where I was supposed to be.

Now that I have worked here a little over a month, I’d like to list all the things I’ve observed that make this such an awesome place to work.

First, let’s talk about the people.

A staff that can produce great work without taking things too seriously is such a breath of fresh air. I haven’t had a lot of exposure to “creative types” in my work life until now, and I must say it is inspiring. &Barr employees care about the work they do, they are at times loud and crazy, and I love it. My previous work environment, by contrast, was a lot more quiet, serious and at times, pretty boring. Plus, people are allowed to bring their dogs to work. How cool is that?

Then there’s the location.

Lake Eola!!! I’ve never been big on the Orlando attractions (which I realize to some is quite shocking), but I love this city. I always tell out-of-towners to go to Lake Eola. And now, I work there! It’s a such a great place to walk around, there are so many options for lunch, whether you are eating out or taking your lunch from home al fresco.

Now let’s talk history.

&Barr has been around longer than most of the other businesses in this area. Walking into the building, one can sense a balance of both old and new. When I look out the window of my office, I can see the original sign for Fry Hammond Barr. To think of all the people who have come and gone (or have come and never left!) during the 60 years that this agency has been here, it makes me feel very fortunate that I too am now a part of &Barr’s story.

And the events!

So, my fourth day on the job just happened to be National Margarita Day. And we celebrated, by drinking margaritas. I didn’t even know that this holiday existed, and definitely have never drunk margaritas at work! But boy was it fun—and it was a great opportunity to introduce myself to people I hadn’t yet met.

So, between the amazing people, dogs, location, the connection to the community of Orlando and the margaritas, I am certain that this was fate. I’m not sure how I sensed this the first time I walked in. I guess I just knew.

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