Facebook’s new Job Posting feature. How will it impact employers, job seekers and the recruiting process?

The giant social network will now let employers post jobs directly to their page and users can apply for them right on Facebook. Job applications are pre-populated with a user’s Facebook data, though it can be altered if needed, then sent to the employer via Facebook’s Messenger.

This tool is not only an easier and simpler way to post job openings. The biggest difference from competitors and other external recruiters is that it will be free. That alone will get the attention of HR professionals and recruiters.

Other Pros: This is something new for the job market. It could be a great new way to promote yourself if you’re on the hunt for a job. Not to mention brands and companies could benefit from higher exposure by posting their openings on Facebook.

Cons: This is yet another “new” feature and it will take time to gauge the effectiveness of this tool. Also with higher response and exposure, employers can probably expect higher numbers of applicants who aren’t right for the job.