Digital Media AOR for Sonny’s BBQ

Driving an 89% increase in conversions while simultaneously reducing costs by 74%.

How can we harness the power of digital to drive awareness and increase restaurant traffic and website visits, while engaging both the core consumer and a new younger audience?



Sonny’s BBQ is a restaurant chain headquartered in Winter Park, Florida that specializes in Southern-style BBQ with 115 locations across the Southeastern U.S. They don’t sell food via their website or take reservations, leaving Sonny’s the challenge of showing their franchisees the value that digital marketing provides. To their franchisees, digital was a mysterious “black box” that they didn’t comprehend.

Sonny’s first reached out to us for two promotional campaigns before hiring us long term as their digital media agency. We had to deliver results and focus on showing measurable, meaningful metrics that franchisees could understand.

Targeting Adults 18–55+ with HHI of 40K+ within the Southeast U.S., our digital media team crafted a strategy for these campaigns that encompassed:


Digital advertising - Display, Pre-Roll, Connected TV (CTV), YouTube

Digital display media was bought programmatically across multiple publishers.
Programmatic publishers also leveraged look-alike targeting based on site traffic.

Search - PPC - Enhanced Google AdWords listings with:

Reviews and ratings
Location-based results from Google My Business
Multiple CTA – link extensions

Social - Facebook

We leveraged existing Sonny’s BBQ ’Q Crew email list to craft look-alike audiences within paid social (Facebook) media.
We used Facebook lead ads with customized forms and automated integration (via Zapier workflow Automation) to Sonny’s MailChimp Email Database to drive easier ’Q Crew sign-up and increased conversion without requiring users to have to leave Facebook to complete sign-up.

The &Barr team were great to work with, and instrumental in shifting how we measured digital, moving us from standard metrics like impressions and clicks to the measured business conversions our franchisees wanted to see.

Ryan Mitchell - Senior Director of Marketing - Sonny’s BBQ

We implemented a major shift from soft metrics to measured business conversions that would make sense to franchisees. We measured success tracking valued conversions showing a consumer’s intent to visit and ultimately the Cost per Valued Conversion (CPVC) aggregately across all 115 Sonny’s BBQ locations.


reduction in CPVC across both campaigns
increase of Total Valued Conversions
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