B-to-B Campaign for Rosen Hotels & Resorts

A 120% return on campaign investment from the first meeting booked as a result of the program.

How can we generate new business and grow event bookings across Rosen’s three convention properties while highlighting all the new updates to the hotels?



A series of unique client events named “Rosen Revealed” was developed to showcase the updated Rosen brand experience. These took place at trendy modern speakeasy-type lounges and featured a secret agent/spy theme. To ensure high attendance, the events were supported with innovative collateral, a website, ultra-high-tech direct mail invites containing video and a live cell phone, and a virtual-reality tour component that allowed planners VR site visits while at the events.

Target audience:

40–50 event/meeting planners in 6 cities:
San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Alexandria and Chicago.

Save the Date: Invisible Ink Brochure with UV Light Pen

A unique Save the Date piece mailed to potential attendees.

Key parts of the message printed in invisible ink.

Branded invisible ink pen with UV light mailed with the invitation.

Rosen Revealed Website

A microsite built for this campaign: RosenRevealed.com. The page continues the theming with mission verbiage and features background imagery from the speakeasies where the events will be held. The site was intended to build excitement and capture RSVPs and planner mailing/email information.

Invitation: Video and Press to Call

A high-tech, Rosen-branded invitation mailed to planners who indicated an interest in attending the event via the Save the Date mailing.

The invitation features an &Barr-produced video that plays automatically upon opening (providing the recipient the details of their mission), as well as press-to-call functionality where the planner can simply press the button on the piece and talk live to a Rosen sales representative to RSVP. Cell phone technology was built into the invite, which enabled the calling feature.

Rosen Revealed Phone Script

A designated phone number was assigned for this campaign, and scripts were specifically written to help guide the Rosen representative through conversation scenarios and how to continue the conversation in the spirit of the theme while accepting RSVPs.

Client Events at Speakeasy Venues

Each client event was held at a modern-day speakeasy in a city near them and hosted by top executives from the Rosen sales and marketing teams, along with representation from &Barr.

Cities were chosen based on Rosen Hotels & Resorts current travel schedules, to tie into existing events on the schedule to minimize expense and maximize return. Speakeasy venues were carefully vetted and chosen based on location, reputation and appropriateness for a Rosen-branded event. The events featured:

  • A cocktail reception.
  • Presentations by Rosen sales and marketing executives.
  • A centerpiece overview video showcasing Rosen Hotels & Resorts and featuring all that’s new at the three convention properties. The video is shot in high-definition and features updated messaging and branding elements.
  • Virtual reality headset tours featuring vignettes of unique scenes/events at the three Rosen convention properties.
  • A Rosen-branded travel bar set as a unique keepsake, featuring a local spirit inside as well as signature drink recipe cards from the three Rosen properties.
  • RFP submission opportunities with Planner Perks giveaways.

The &Barr team is a great group of people to work with and we loved their creative, innovative approach in helping us achieve our business goals.

Leslie Menichini - Vice President Sales & Marketing - Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Promotional Item: Travel Bar Set

A premium promotional item for event/meeting planners who attend the Rosen Revealed event

Gift integrated with the theme of the speakeasy/1930s time frame

Embossed with Harris Rosen signature

Features local spirits inside

Includes signature drink recipe cards featuring the Rosen properties


Video: HD Centerpiece Video & 360-Degree Virtual Reality (VR) Tours

Rosen Centerpiece video, a James Bond-themed piece that showcases all that’s new at the Rosen properties, updating messaging, branding and more.

360-degree VR video supplements the property centerpiece video by providing additional 360-degree VR vignettes of unique experiences at the three Rosen convention properties. Planners were provided with an engaging on-site experience directly from their home town via Samsung Gear VR.

Interactive Photo booth

Rosen used interactive photo kiosks supplied by Gifn to engage event attendees with speakeasy-style accessories and provide a branded digital keepsake.

Key KPIs/Goals:

Elevate the Rosen brand through awareness of the enhancements at the Rosen convention properties.
Generate new business for Rosen Hotels & Resorts.
Build credibility and enhanced relationships with new and loyal customers.
Facilitate direct relationships with potential clients to maximize ROI.


With the confirmation of the first meeting booked due to the program, Rosen Hotels & Resorts paid for the entire tour and then some!

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