Thank You Campaign - Specialty MD Videos

What does a parent say to the doctor who saves their child’s life?


Nemours Children’s Hospital offers specialized care for a variety of conditions. Unfortunately, awareness of this was not where we wanted it to be.



We wanted to promote several of these specialties in a way that would establish a strong emotional connection with viewers. So we asked ourselves a question: What does a parent say to the doctor who saves their child’s life?


We identified real patient families and asked them to write thank-you letters to real Nemours doctors. We surprised the doctors on set by giving them these letters and then let the cameras roll as we captured their very real reactions. This campaign of six broadcast spots and long-form social videos not only showcased each doctor’s expertise but, by showing the doctors’ raw reactions to the letters, humanized them in a unique and memorable way.


The response to the commercials has been overwhelmingly positive. From members in the community to Nemours staff, the feedback has been incredibly powerful. As for the featured doctors themselves? Concerns about how they would react to being taken by surprise were quickly alleviated on set when each and every doctor expressed their appreciation for the letters.

Concepts were very well received in pre-launch qualitative research studies, with many respondents who had never considered Nemours now saying they would. Since the campaign is just now launching, full analysis cannot yet be provided.

The need to promote our physicians in a way that keeps the message patient-focused was a challenge solved beautifully by the &Barr team. Their creative work expertly portrayed the authenticity and dedication to children that Nemours represents.

Terri Wilsie - Director Brand & Advertising - Nemours Children’s Health System

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