Bealls and Burkes Outlets

New digital media strategy results in 142% increase in sales and 115% increase in site traffic.

How can we effectively integrate digital media into the overall mix to reach new and lapsed customers without increasing the overall budget?



Bealls and Burkes Outlets is a national discount fashion/home goods retailer with over 450 stores across 16 states. Over the past 3 years, they’ve been on a journey to reposition themselves through the introduction of larger, remodeled stores in higher-end mall locations to directly compete with T.J.Maxx and Marshalls. This major transformation had little effect, with new and lapsed customers, however, as consumers were either still not aware of the changes or remembered the older stores they didn’t like. &Barr’s strategy leveraged the following cross-channel media tactics across each of three campaigns in order to drive both store and site visits.

Offline – Newspaper/FSI, Radio
Online – Display, Social
Online display was purchased programmatically with multiple publishers across mobile and desktop.
Social consisted primarily of Facebook prospecting and in the case of Grand Openings, event response ads along with a handful of other tests throughout the campaigns.

Target Audience:

Overall across all 3 Campaigns - Adults 25-54 female skew, brand conscious/value seekers

  • BTS – Moms 25-54 with one or more children ages 5-18 in their household
  • Fall - Females 25-54, brand conscious/value seekers
  • Holiday - Adults 25-54 female skew, brand conscious/value seekers

Campaign #1 - Back To School (BTS)

During the BTS campaign, &Barr recommended an initial shift of media dollars from Newspaper/FSIs to radio and testing of paid online (display and social) placement within 4 major markets: Orlando, Tampa, Houston and Dallas. This approach allowed for increased frequency and targeting of key consumers.

Campaign #2 - Fall

&Barr recommended dropping the digital spend in FL due to already-strong brand awareness there, and shifting to a heavier focus on the Burkes brand and their ecommerce sales. Increased reach included these five core markets: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Raleigh.

Campaign #3 - Holiday

After tracking and optimizing two prior campaigns, &Barr’s strategy shifted more dollars to digital – with an enterprise-wide digital (display and social) strategy optimized to specific localized geographic markets.

After 5 months and 3 promotional campaigns, &Barr had successfully shifted Bealls Outlet's overall media mix from traditional channels to digital channels by a little over 25% across all 3 campaigns while continuing to increase Bealls Outlet YoY same-store sales, which was exactly why &Barr was selected as their trusted partner.

Newspaper – 41%
Digital – 36% (initial base spend was approx. 10%)
Radio – 23%

Key KPIs:

The following Key Performance Indicators were established and specific metrics optimized at each point within the customer engagement funnel.


Bealls Outlet

Cost Per Visit (CPV) – main optimization
Traffic/Engaged site visits (2 or more pages viewed)
Cost Per Engaged Visit (CPEV)
Store location searches
Email sign-ups/opt-ins
Social follows 

Burkes Outlet - only

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) – main optimization
Cost Per Visit (CPV)
Traffic/Engaged site visits (2 or more pages viewed)
Cost Per Engaged Visit (CPEV)
Store location searches
Email sign-ups/opt-ins
Social follows


traffic increase to both (127%)
and (115%) over 5 months
Increase in revenue to over 5 months
(this is the only e-commerce site)
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