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Matt Stewart

ACD / Art Director

What do you say about an art director who spent years honing his skills at shops like Disney’s Yellow Shoes? Where he was able to crash the holiday party at Skywalker Ranch? We’ll tell you what you say… What a jerk. Jealousy aside, Matt is a darn-talented art director and a welcomed addition to the creative team at &Barr. While he’ll no doubt get the chance to flex his creative muscles on all our accounts, he’ll be taking creative lead on the Bealls and Florida Virtual Schools accounts along with ACD/Writer, Jacqui Garcia. “Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without Jacqui,” Matt said, eyes swelling. “She puts the ‘right’ in copywriter. Well, you know, phonetically.” Matt’s been so busy, in fact, Jacqui took it upon herself to write his “About Matt” bio with only a Google search for guidance. We think she nailed it.