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Guy Stephens


Two words: Dairy Queen. If that doesn’t make sense, it soon will. Ask our head of Planning and Research why he loves his job and he’ll give you a long list. He loves building brands that build relationships. He loves the science of brandology, and if that isn’t a thing, he’ll make it one. He loves being the person in the room who doesn’t say much, but when he does, you better take notes. And while Guy loves all these things, one of the things he’s most passionate about is helping to cultivate an agency culture that welcomes all and is always welcoming. Which, thankfully, includes the not-so-rare BBQ led by the Grill King himself. So where does the Dairy Queen come in? Guy also believes in showing those he works with his appreciation, which usually takes the form of a DQ stop after a successful client meeting or pitch. So, while he is integral to &Barr’s team and is always the one to ask about better metrics, validation, research, benchmarking, measurement and all that, he also has a very generous heart. Add to it an affinity for DQ Blizzards and you get a very cool Guy.