Mar 7

Anatomy of &Barr

I’m new around here. And that means I have to take some time to figure out who’s who, what’s what and how our coffee machine works. Let’s break down the diverse departments you can find servicing our clients at &Barr. Account Services Once referred to as “the suits,” account service is all about relationships, collaboration […]

Dec 27

Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017.

What a difference a year makes! One year ago we were riding a huge wave of change that was exciting, and at the same time quite scary and challenging. We had a new agency brand (after 58 years), new creative energy, a big pitch for a sought after prospect, many new faces and a new […]

Dec 4

Five reasons why companies should have a blog

What’s that cliché about giving advice? Oh, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Well, we’ve decided to take our own advice and start a blog. As a whole, agencies tend to focus on client work instead of themselves. But that’s changing. We’ve vowed to make more “us” time. Now, you may be thinking, […]