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We partner with great brands to build lasting relationships.
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Fry Hammond Barr is now &Barr. So yes, technically we’ve rebranded. But really, we just made who we are on the outside reflect who we are, and always have been, on the inside. Partners. Collaborators. People who work together. Seamlessly. Across disciplines, locations, channels, generations.
Since 1957, Fry Hammond Barr’s greatest strength has been the ability to work together to find creative solutions to business challenges. Our new name and brand identity just bring that strength to the forefront. Letting you know right out of the gate, that when you work with us, you work with us. As a partner. 50/50. You &Barr.
Thinkers & Doers
We are not just an advertising agency. Or a branding company. Or a design shop. Or a PR firm. Or a digital marketing business. We are a group of thinkers & doers who build lasting relationships by accomplishing inspiring things together. With our Partners. With our community. With each other.
We believe silos are stupid and have no place in our business, ideas are everything and can come from anywhere and clients aren’t clients, they’re Partners. Yes, they pay us. But not to do what they say. To do what is best for their business. And the best way to do that is to work with each other. To challenge each other. And yes, sometimes, disagree with each other. But ultimately, we end up at the best possible solution because we get there together.
We are fueled by the power of partnership. But a true partnership has to be a two-way street. Us listening and challenging you. You listening and challenging us. Both equally involved. Equally committed. Equally invested. That’s when the magic happens. So let’s make some magic, shall we?

Case Study /

  • ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

    Convincing consumers that ABC is the first place to go for every celebration.

  • Nemours Children's Health System

    Building on the brand promise while increasing awareness.

  • Experience Kissimmee

    Telling the brand story in a fresh, contemporary way.

  • Stein Mart

    From one store in Mississippi to America's Best Department Store.

Goods &

We partner with great brands
to build lasting relationships.

New or time-honored, a brand must earn its relationship with consumers. From every touch point, whether it’s traditional or digital advertising and marketing, branding and design, public relations, social media, the product or service itself, connections form between consumers and brands through experiences. We work in integrated cross-disciplinary teams and in collaboration with our Partners to create brilliant brand experiences that are meaningful, moving and worthy of attention. To help build brands that are liked, loved and successful year after year.

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How can we help you? Interested in learning more about partnering with &Barr? Awesome and thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to consider us. Connect, message or call if you still like actually talking with a real person. We'd love to talk with you. For Careers click here.

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